Terms of Use

What exactly are "Terms of Use"?

Well, in plain English it's like this.  You are the user.  You clicked on links in the website because you love us and we love you.  This deep and abiding love overlooks possible problems with the site.  What kinds of problems?  Well, our love for you knows no bounds, so we would NEVER knowlingly put any type of virus or trojan horse on this site.  However, it might be possible that some mean person could try to do that to our site.  That being said, you're under your own risk when using our site--hopefully you have virus protection on your computer.  You should never surf without protection.  On this site, we sell protection items for volleyball, but that's it..

We cannot protect what goes on between your computer and our website, we only aim to protect you and your information while you're here visiting.  As such, you assume sole responsibility for all risk while using our site.